Upcoming Events


Alumni Debate - FEbruary 14, 2017

The Hart House Debates Committee is pleased to present this year’s Alumni Debate, featuring revered alumni of the Hart House debating and UofT community: The Honourable Ian Binnie, Former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and Andrew Coyne, National Affairs Columnist of The National Post and one of Canada's most widely read polemicists. These two titans will be joined by two competitive debaters: Joanna Nairn, the 2006 World Universities Debating Champion and Victoria Hale, U of T Law Student and accomplished Debater.

With the teams clashing head-to-head on electoral reform, and with a post-event reception full of food and drink to follow, this will be the event of the semester for all to attend. Audience members will have the opportunity to pose questions to the floor following the debate. Everyone is welcome.


David Miller, on green cities

The University of Toronto Foresters' Club and Hart House Debates Committee present: David Miller, on Green Cities.

Join former Mayor of Toronto and President and CEO of the World Wildlife Protection Fund-Canada David Miller, for a conversation on sustainability, urban forestry, and policy innovation in Toronto with Director of the U of T Urban Studies Program, Professor Shauna Brail. The event will look at how local-level planning has the ability to impact global, wide-reaching change in environmental sustainaibility while also nurturing the local urban environment.

What is Toronto doing to be more green? How do social policy and enviornmental policy interact in the city? These quesitons, and many more will be explored. Everyone is welcome. Come with questions for the open Q + A period.

Light refreshments will be served.


Hart House high school tournament - february 17-18, 2017

The Committee is delighted to extend you an invitation to the University of Toronto’s annual Hart House High School Debate Tournament in British Parliamentary (BP) format. The tournament is the biggest high school debating tournament in Canada, attended by over 132 teams. It features a Chief Adjudication team of renowned debaters from the Hart House Debating Club.