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North America Universities Debating Championship Finals 2013

North America Universities Debating Championship Finals 2013

The Club is one of many offered University of Toronto students by Hart House, and is part of a the debates program at which also includes the Debates & Dialogue Committee, which curates panels and hosts speakers. In short, the Club is where one debates, and the Committee is where one watches debates and dialogue. If you're looking for the Committee, please click here.

Established in 1919, the Hart House Debating Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious debating societies in Canada. The Club provides a space for University of Toronto students to hone their speaking skills and explore new perspectives, attitudes, and ideas. It aims to help students develop the tools necessary to express themselves as well as the confidence to both defend and question their beliefs. The Debating Club sends students to compete at regional, national, and international debating competitions.  These competitions provide students with the opportunity to represent their university and compete at the highest levels. In turn, they share the skills they acquire at competitions with other students. We are one of the most successful teams in North America and the World.

Club Members at the annual Hart House Inter-Varsity,  2018

Club Members at the annual Hart House Inter-Varsity, 2018

There are two meetings each week at which students of every level of skill meet to practice and learn; meetings consist of training seminars, practice debates, and information sessions that can be enjoyed on a drop-in basis or by regular attendance.

Meetings are Mondays 3-5 PM and Tuesdays 7-9 PM in the Committees Room in Hart House, and are open to all University of Toronto students and community members. In order to receive funding and represent Hart House at external tournaments, you must be a Hart House member and have travelling member status pursuant to the bylaws.

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