Debating Club // 2017-2018 Year in Review

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Opening of the House 

Sept. 2017

The Hart House Debating Club successfully opens the house for the 2017/2018 school year with a motion to allow universities to fire tenured professors for controversial statements and research. 

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2017 McGill Central Novices

Sept. 2017

The Hart House Debating Club makes a clean sweep at the 2017 McGill Central Novices Tournament. Hart House breaks into the quarter-finals as the top four teams and makes up three of the four teams in the final round. Unarguably one of Hart House's strongest novice contingents ever.

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2017 Hart House Inter-Varsity

Oct. 2017

The Hart House Debating Club holds its annual inter-varsity tournament featuring debaters from universities all over Canada and the U.S. Motions included banning police unions, holding pharmaceutical companies liable for the opiate crisis and supporting the political unification of Africa. Tournament directors Navin and Noah alongside every member of The Hart House Debating Club run a smooth tournament over the weekend.

Photos by The Debate Corespondent.

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2017 Chancellor's Cup

Oct. 2017

The Hart House Debating Club travels over to Kingston to compete at the 2017 Chancellor's Cup. Hart House sends teams into both the final and novice final, with another advancing as far as the semi-finals. Alongside the success of the debaters, Hart House judges also make the break, sending them off to adjudicate the competitive and high-level out rounds. 

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